Reservations required for all salons.
If you cannot honor a reservation
please call to cancel.

(chair) = please bring small folding chair
that has padded tips on chair legs

1st Friday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Politics and The Middle Ea

Mirna Lattouf, PhD, a scholar of the Muslim Middle East at the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts, ASU, will discuss current politics in the Middle East.


2nd Saturday 7PM The Salon
Music for Saxophone and Piano

Inside The David and Gladys Wright House, Chris and Hannah Creviston, both music faculty at ASU School of Music, will perform an evening of saxophone and piano.

In the gardens of David Wright House is Jun Kaneko sculptural exhibition ‘Capturing the Scent of Rain’.


4th Monday 7PM The Salon

At TGen, a conversation about ‘memory’ with Matt Huentelman, PhD, of TGen, who studies the genomics of human neurological traits and diseases, with a particular focus on learning, memory, and Alzheimer’s disease.


5th Tuesday 7PM The Salon (chair)

Marco D. Balzano, ISA AM, a member of the International Society of Appraisers, who specializes in antiques, furnishings, and decorative arts, will discuss theoretical, methodological, and ethical aspects of appraisals.


7th Thursday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Modern Conflict and Nuclear Weapons

Brad Allenby, PhD, President’s Professor and Lincoln Professor of Engineering and Ethics, will discuss modern conflict and nuclear weapons.


8th Friday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Billie Holiday

Tracy Fessenden, the Steve and Margaret Forster professor in School of Religious Studies, ASU, will discuss her new book ’Religion Around Billie Holiday’ about the jazz singer, that examines the spiritual and religious forces that left their mark on the performer, in an evening that will include music, images, and film.

9th Saturday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Astronomy and the Arts

Richard Poss, PhD, an astronomy professor and former director of the humanities program at the University of Arizona, will discuss astronomy portrayed by the arts.


11th Monday 7PM The Salon (chair)
The Microbiome and Diet

Corrie Whisner, PhD, an ASU professor of nutrition and faculty associate at The Biodesign Institute, will discuss the micrrobiome and diet.


13th Wednesday 7PM The Salon (chair)
National Politics and Arizona

Ronald Hansen, a political reporter at The Arizona Republic who covers the US Congress with an eye to Arizona’s delegation, will discuss current politics.


21st Thursday 7PM The Salon
Waiting for Godot

Patrick Bixby, PhD, an ASU english professor who runs a seminar at the Samuel Beckett Summer School, Trinity College, Dublin, will lead a conversation about Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’.


28th Thursday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Theories of the Origins of Life

Sara I. Walker, PhD, a theoretical physicist and astrobiologist and Deputy Director The Beyond Center, ASU, will discuss current theories of the origins of life.


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