Reservations required for all salons.
If you cannot honor a reservation
please call to cancel.

(chair) = please bring small folding chair
that has padded tips on chair legs

1st Monday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Liberalism and Conservatism

Peter de Marneffe, PhD, a philosophy professor at ASU, whose expertise is political philosophy and the philosophy of law, will discuss liberalism and conservatism.



4th Thursday 7PM The Salon (chair)
The Interstellar Age

Jim Bell, PhD, a planetary scientist at ASU, will discuss the topic of his book ‘The Interstellar Age: Inside the Forty Year Voyager Mission’.



5th Friday 7PM The Salon (chair)
The University

Former ASU Humanities Dean, George Justice, PhD, an ASU English professor who is author of ‘How to be a Dean’ will be joined by media writer and former NPR editor Bill Wyman to discuss leadership and policy at academic institutions.




10th Wednesday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Nutrition and Natural Medicine

Peter Raisanen, NMD, a naturopathic physician and founder of LifeDoc naturopathic medical practice, will discuss nutrition and natural medicine.



12th Friday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Politics and The Middle East

Mirna Lattouf, PhD, a scholar of the Muslim Middle East at the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts, ASU, will discuss current politics in the Middle East.



14th Sunday 7PM The Salon
Music for Cello and Piano

Cellist Ruthie Wilde and pianist Erin Hales will play classical music for cello and piano.



16th Tuesday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Soviet Union at Eve of World War II

Yan Mann, PhD, a professor of history at ASU, and specialist on Soviet experience of war, will discuss the Soviet Union at the Eve of WWII to think about the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, the Winter War and of course the German attack on the Soviet Union.



17th Wednesday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Preserving Knowledge and Culture
in Papua New Guinea

Polly Wiessner, PhD, a professor of anthropology, ASU and member of National Academy of Sciences, who has lived over the past 30 years with natives of Papua New Guinea, will discuss preserving their knowledge and culture.



19th Friday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Non Binary Genders

Dagmar Van Engen, PhD, a literary and gender studies scholar, who is an ASU Barrett Honors College faculty fellow, will discuss non binary genders through a discussion of the Medusa figure in science, gender theory, and speculative fiction.



25th Thursday 7PM The Salon
Unearthing Ancient Sudan

Pearce Paul Creasman, PhD, curator, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research and director, Egyptian Expedition, University of Arizona, will discuss his most recent archaeological digs and excavations in The Sudan.



26th Friday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Music for Piano

Mintang Ma will perform works by Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, and Scriabin.


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