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4th Thursday 7PM The Salon
Ronald Hansen on Politics

Ronald Hansen, who covers politics and the US Congress for The Arizona Republic and azcentral, will discuss the Arizona Primary election and issues of politics.



7th Sunday 2PM The Salon
Through the Eyes of a Primatologist

please note 2pm time

Online from Atlanta, primatologist Frans de Waal, PhD, who is the Charles Howard Candler Professor of Primate Behavior at Emory University, and author of numerous books, including ‘Different: Gender Through the Eyes of a Primatologist’, will discuss gender and biology, arguing biology does not automatically support the traditional gender roles in human societies.


9th Tuesday 7PM The Salon
The Arizona Constitution

Paul Bender, former US Deputy Solicitor General, ASU Law Dean, and current Chief Judge at several Arizona Indian Reservations, will discuss the Arizona Constitution, comparisons with the US Constitution, and insights into it’s interpretation by the Arizona Supreme Court.




14th Sunday 4PM The Salon
The Multiverse

please note 4pm time

Online from Prince Edward Island, Canada, Lawrence Krauss, PhD, physicist, author of ‘A Universe From Nothing’, ‘Atom’, and ‘Physics of Climate Change’ and director of Origins Project Foundation, will discuss theories and ideas about multiple universes - the Multiverse.




21st Sunday 4PM The Salon
Becoming Human

please note 4pm time

Online from New York City, Rob DeSalle, PhD, curator in Molecular Systematics at the American Museum of Natural History, NYC, will discuss the stages of becoming human, from the unfertilized womb to the birth of a baby.




24th Wednesday 9AM The Salon
The Rise and Reign
of the Mammals

please note 9am time

Online from Edinburgh, Scotland, Steve Brusatte, PhD, a paleontologist and a Chancellor’s Fellow at University of Edinburgh, will discuss ideas from his new book ‘The Rise and Reign of the Mammals: A New History, from the Shadow of the Dinosaurs to Us’.



25th Thursday 5PM The Salon
Law and Legal Systems of Russia

please note 5pm time

Online from Chicago, Peter Maggs, Clifford M. And Bette A. Carney Chair Emeritus of Illinois University College of Law, four times a Fulbright Scholar, and co-author of more than 20 books, will discuss Russian and Soviet law.




30th Tuesday 4PM The Salon
The Magic of Light

please note 4pm time

In the Afternoon light, Eddie Jones, founder and principal of Jones Studio, who for over forty years has led the architectural firm, design and public art studio, will discuss the significance of light in architecture and experience of the World.




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