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23rd Monday 5PM The Salon
When Brains Dream

please note 5pm time

Online from Montreal, Antonio Zadra, PhD, sleep scientist, oneironaut, professor of psychology at Universite de Montreal, researcher at the Center for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine, and co-author of ‘When Brains Dream’ will discuss will discuss dream and sleep related topics.




27th Friday 10AM The Salon
Eradicating Cancer
A Conversation with Stephen Johnston
and Tour of Calviri

masks optional

IN PERSON, Stephen Johnston, PhD, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Calviri, will discuss his research based on breakthrough science to eradicate cancer thru developing new diagnostic and therapeutic products, and preventative vaccines that will stop cancer from starting. Members will begin with a tour of Calviri.



30th Monday 4PM The Salon
Political Issues in Arizona

masks optional

IN PERSON, Jack Healy, Phoenix based National correspondent for The New York Times, will discuss current political issues in Arizona.







2nd Thursday 6PM The Salon
OSIRIS-REx and Search for
Water in the Solar System

please note 6pm time

Online from Tucson, Dani DellaGiustina, PhD, a professor at Lunar & Planetary Laboratory, UofA, and Deputy Principal Investigator, OSIRIS-REx and Principal Investigator, OSIRIS-APEX, will discuss her research about the water in the Solar System.




7th Tuesday 10AM The Salon
The Deep Chemistry of
Life and Death

please note 10am time

Online from London, Nick Lane, PhD, co-director of Centre for Life’s Origins and Evolution and a professor of evolutionary biochemistry at University College of London, will discuss ideas from his book ‘Transformer: The Deep Chemistry of Life and Death’ about the building blocks that underlie the origins of life, aging, and death.




11th Saturday 7PM The Salon
Jazz Piano of Michael Collins

masks optional

IN PERSON, Pianist and composer Michael Collins will perform his original compositions and music for jazz piano.




12th Sunday 11AM The Salon
The Wearable Reasoner
and Research of Valdemar Danry

please note 10am time

Online from Boston, Valdemar Danry, a researcher, artist, and tech humanist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will discuss his research of AI cognitive augmentation, and the Wearable Reasoner - towards enhanced human rationality through a wearable device with an explainable AI assistant, that sense, evaluate and stimulate reasoning patterns using AI and brain-computer interfaces.




17th Friday 10AM The Salon
Rotraut at Desert Botanical Gardens

please note 10am time
masks optional
Members of DBG - FREE
non DBG members - $25
All must RESERVE tickets -

In the morning outside at the Desert Botanical Gardens, Ken Schutz, Director of the DBG will introduce the ‘PLAYING WITH STARS, ROTRAUT AT DESERT BOTANICAL GARDENS exhibition of bold and lyrical large-scale sculptures, admits the desert gardens with a selection of paintings and small sculptures in the Ottosen Gallery, then members are free to wander the Gardens and exhibition on their own.



18th Saturday 10AM The Salon
Rotraut at her Studio

please note 10am time
masks optional

Members will visit with visual artist Rotraut Klein Moquay at her Paradise Vallley studio, to discuss her exhibition of sculptures and paintings at the Desert Botanical Gardens. Rotraut, the widow of French artist Yves Klein, creates artwork that explores the energy of the seasons and the relationship of nature with the sky, sun and universe.



20th Monday 6PM The Salon
Brutal Beauty:  
Aesthetics and Aspiration in Urban India

please note 6pm time

Online from Palo Alto, Jisha Menon, PhD, a professor of Theater and Performance Studies, Comparative Literature, and the Fisher Family Director of Stanford Global Studies at Stanford University, will discuss ideas from her book ‘Brutal Beauty: Aesthetics and Aspiration in Urban India’. She will delineate the creative and destructive potential of India’s lurch into contemporary capitalism, uncovering the interconnectedness of local and global power structures as well as art’s capacity to absorb and critique liberalization’s discontents.




26th Sunday 11AM The Salon
The Bookseller of Florence

please note 11am time

Online from London, Ross King, a bestselling author of art and history whose previous books include ‘Brunelleschi’s Dome’ and ‘The Judgement of Paris’ will discuss ideas from his newest book ‘The Bookseller of Florence’. Ross will discuss the fifteenth century Florence manuscript dealer Vespasiano da Bisticcci, who reached the height of his powers as Europe’s most expert and prolific merchant of knowledge.


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